Today we start treatment. Today we understand more. Today is a big day for the little guy. We knew today he was going to have surgery, we just didn’t know when (this will be a recurring theme with the hospital). It turned out when, was first thing in the morning. They began getting him prepped at 6:30am.

Today Cameron will be getting a few things while in surgery, once again I’m not in the medical field and a good chance I’m not getting the terms exactly right:

Bone Marrow Aspiration – To retrieve the leukemia cells. This will be put in extensive testing to find the exact type he has.

Bone Biopsy – To check his bones. This has something to do with check that the bone struture has not been compromised or put decayed due to the leukemia.

Pick Line – This will be the central line for the IV, medicines, and chemo. This was going to be a port, but over the past few days Cam got a little cough. A chest xray showed he had a little infection. Because of that, the port couldn’t be put in, so they did a pick line instead.

Sinus sample – Not only did he get a little cough, but his eye got puffy. They were concerned that he might has a sinus infection and got a sample in pouch under his eye while he was in surgery to test. Everything came back well.

Cameron was done by 10:30 today and slept off and on for the remainder of the day. Chemo started in the evening. It was performed through if pick line and was completed faster than I though it would. He recieved Vincristine.

After surgery and chemo