Cameron's Journey ?️

My son's journey with leukemia

Chemo done now steak

Cameron completed his chemo last night. Everything went fine. Unfortunately before that they had to change his dressing for his pick line. He didn’t do so well with that lol.

He has been having some serious food cravings lately. Yesterday morning he woke up at 7am crying for Lay’s potato chips and ramen noodles. This morning it was steak. And I’m talking in tears for a steak haha. I had to explain to him that steakhouses aren’t open at 6 am. We settled on a hot dog.

Today looks pretty uneventful. We have a chest xray because they want to check the pick line. Other than that a pretty easy Saturday.


  1. Jesse I just want to hug Cameron so tightly right now. Carson too. Your boys are so precious and beautiful! God be with you guys.

  2. Jesse – Love the blog ! And the pictures ❤ love, hugs, & kisses

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