Cameron's Journey ?️

My son's journey with leukemia

Cameron’s fever

I’ve been reluctant to write a post lately because I wanted to have answers to say, but so far I don’t have any. Cameron has been having high fevers (103-104.5) and high heart rates ( 170+) for the past week. He has had CT scans and blood cultures that have all came back negative, leading us to believe it’s not baterial. The past few days they have included nose swabs to examine viruses.

So far… everything has been negative. They have checked just about everything but to no avail.

Cameron will have another CT scan in the coming days and he will be monitored as usual. We’re hopeful of some answers soon.

On a good note, his nutraphils (ANC) are rebounding and are 440 today. They have been sub 100s for weeks now.


  1. Praise the Lord !! I believe his angels in heaven have this ♥️ I’m reminded again & again.. He is in the waiting ????
    May you feel surrounded by His love and grace, Jess and those praying for Cameron’s recovery
    Kiss the little guy from his Aunt Dodie ??❣️

  2. Your family has been on my mind. Sending so many Prayers to you and your sweet little guy!

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