Cameron's Journey ?️

My son's journey with leukemia

Cameron is coming home!

This past week had many ups and downs, and I have been hesitant to post anything because I really wasn’t certain on much. For the past week, Cameron’s fever had subsided and has more energy. His anc number skyrocketed to over 2500, but had since fallen to only 360. He’s also been having a stomachache these past few days, so it’s been hard to get a read from the hospital what exactly is going on.

Today we got the news Cameron will be discharged! And he’s going to be discharged today, like this evening!

We go back in for a spinal tap on Wednesday and next Wednesday for his biopsy. Just to clarify, this discharge really doesn’t have much to do with his leukemia progress, it’s just that he’s healthy enough to leave the hospital. News on the progress will come next Wednesday with the biopsy. But at least he’s home!

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  1. Praise the Lord! This is wonderful news. My heart is singing with joy and happiness for your family. My continued thoughts, Prayers, and love are on going. I love you guys.

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