Sorry for the lack of posts… I haven’t had much information to pass along. But it is looking like we are getting a clear path forward now and would like to share.

Cameron is going to have a bone marrow transplant as the chemo proved not to be as successful as hoped. So now we are going to focus our efforts on preparing for it. It will be a tough couple of months for the little guy, but if everything works well he will be cured by the end of the year. Our schedule looks like this:

This week Cameron is back at Childrens starting immunotherapy. Cameron will be receiving blinatumomab this week and a new picc line going through his chest. Monday he underwent surgery and had the new picc line installed. Everything went well.

After this week, he will have a backpack on him that will be for his immunotherapy through June 17. After that he will undergo radiation therapy at UC hospital for a week.

At the beginning of July he will have his transplant and will be monitored at the hospital for 3 months while they bring up his immune system back to normal.

If all goes well this will cure him. I am praying and thankful for all the support we have received. Thank you.