Cameron's Journey ?️

My son's journey with leukemia

We’re in the hospital and a week away from transplant

We made it to Childrens this morning, and are settling in for the next few months. Cameron has a big week ahead and we’re thankful to have such a great hospital nearby.

Here’s how the schedule looks as of now:

Cameron was admitted Friday morning.

Friday and Saturday he will receive his chemo.

Sunday through Wednesday he will be getting radiation. This is twice a day for a total of 8 treatments.

Transplant will be taking place either Thursday or Friday. We probably won’t know an exact transplant time until it gets closer.

Cameron still has a bit of a rough road ahead. His little body will be going through a lot just with the prep for transplant alone. One of those being dropping his immune system to almost nothing.

Going forward, they will slowly raise his immune system over the following months.

We can’t thank you all enough for your prayers and support. We’ll keep everyone posted as I can as things progress with him.

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  1. My prayers and thoughts are with Cameron and his father, with each step he is going to be going though my God be holding his hand and making him stronger .

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