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My son's journey with leukemia

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Transplant is over!

It took longer than anticipated due to high blood pressure and some rashes that formed, but everything went well and Cameron is doing great!

Transplant has started

It will take 5 hours to complete.

Radiation is over, bone marrow transplant set for tomorrow at noon

Today at 6pm was the last and 8th dose of radiation. Other than some nausea and itching Cameron took it really really well. Much better than I anticipated.

So tomorrow is the big day! Cameron will receive his new bone marrow. More to come tomorrow, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers tonight.

Final chemo is over radiation starts tomorrow

Cameron had his last dose of chemo today.

Tomorrow at 7 am he will be transported to UC for radiation. He will do this 2 times a day for 4 days. In the process the radiation will kill his body’s ability to produce blood permanently. I really, really dont like this part.

We’re in the hospital and a week away from transplant

We made it to Childrens this morning, and are settling in for the next few months. Cameron has a big week ahead and we’re thankful to have such a great hospital nearby.

Here’s how the schedule looks as of now:

Cameron was admitted Friday morning.

Friday and Saturday he will receive his chemo.

Sunday through Wednesday he will be getting radiation. This is twice a day for a total of 8 treatments.

Transplant will be taking place either Thursday or Friday. We probably won’t know an exact transplant time until it gets closer.

Cameron still has a bit of a rough road ahead. His little body will be going through a lot just with the prep for transplant alone. One of those being dropping his immune system to almost nothing.

Going forward, they will slowly raise his immune system over the following months.

We can’t thank you all enough for your prayers and support. We’ll keep everyone posted as I can as things progress with him.

Cameron is in remission!

More to come later this evening. But for now, Cameron is in remission and we will begin the transplant process.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!

Cancer is still present – Transplant Postponed

Hey everyone, it looks like we hit our first speed bump of the transplant. The bone marrow biopsy came back and initially looked good, but we found some disappointing news in the analysis.

Cameron has been taking blinatumomab (immunotherapy) to target the strand of leukemia he has. While the results showed that it has in fact removed that strand, two new strands have showed up. The mutations allowed the cancer to remain in his system and slightly increased its presence (from .01 to .03 percent). Meaning, Cameron is not in remission as planned and necessary for the transplant.

To combat these new strands, Cameron will be taking a new immunotherapy inotuzumab for the next 3 weeks.

Radiation and bone marrow transplant will follow on the fourth week as long as the new immunotherapy proves successful.

Thank you for all your support and prayers. He is doing fantastic and is full of energy! On the bright side, he gets to enjoy 3 more weeks of summer outside of the hospital 🙂

Cameron Update on Transplant

Just want to give everyone an update on Cameron’s schedule and what is taking place up until transplant.

This week:
Tuesday June 18: he will be admitted to the hospital for a dental surgery to remove some baby teeth that have rotted a lot. They are doing this to help prevent any infection that may arise once transplant comes due to him having a very low immune system during that time. They will admit him over night to start on antibiotics and make sure no infection occurs during this time.

Wednesday June 19: he will be sedated again for surgery. This will be for another spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration.

Thursday June 20: he will be released to come home.

Monday June 24: admit to the hospital to begin preparing for transplant.

June 25-29: radiation and chemo. He will be receiving radiation at UC twice a day(once in the morning and again in the afternoon) and chemo everyday. This is full body radiation except for most of his lungs will be protected. Only a small part of his lungs will receive the radiation. They will transport him each time, just a few blocks down to UC for the radiation and then bring him back to children’s. The chemo he is receiving is one that he has previously been on but it will be in a higher dose than he had prior.

Some of the side effects during all of this will be fatigue, nausea and mouth sores. We have been told to expect him to be in quite a bit of pain but they will do their best to keep the pain under control with such things as a morphine drip.

He will have a few days for rest and then transplant will take place either late on Tuesday July 2nd or early Wednesday July 3rd.

At the earliest he will be out of the hospital within 30 days. We have been told to expect more around 60-90 days. It’s all dependent on how his body takes to the transplant as to how long he will have to be in there.

Thank you for your support and prayers. I will keep you posted through the process.

Cameron back in the hospital. Gearing up for bone marrow transplant

Sorry for the lack of posts… I haven’t had much information to pass along. But it is looking like we are getting a clear path forward now and would like to share.

Cameron is going to have a bone marrow transplant as the chemo proved not to be as successful as hoped. So now we are going to focus our efforts on preparing for it. It will be a tough couple of months for the little guy, but if everything works well he will be cured by the end of the year. Our schedule looks like this:

This week Cameron is back at Childrens starting immunotherapy. Cameron will be receiving blinatumomab this week and a new picc line going through his chest. Monday he underwent surgery and had the new picc line installed. Everything went well.

After this week, he will have a backpack on him that will be for his immunotherapy through June 17. After that he will undergo radiation therapy at UC hospital for a week.

At the beginning of July he will have his transplant and will be monitored at the hospital for 3 months while they bring up his immune system back to normal.

If all goes well this will cure him. I am praying and thankful for all the support we have received. Thank you.

Biopsy is back and second part of consolidation stage is underway

Yesterday Cameron started his second 4weeks of consolidation and had to stay overnight at the hospital.

The biopsy came back, and he is at 1 percent leukemia present. This is much lower than when we started, but unfortunately much higher than they want it (<.01%). It looks like we are looking at a bone marrow transplant. This isn’t completely certain yet, but looking more likely.

If that is the path we go, he will finish the 4 weeks of chemo, then we will begin immunotherapy and radiation therapy to get his counts lower for the transplant. The transplant will put him back in the hospital for another 1-3 months. But, after that, as long as everything goes well, he will be cured! So there is a possibility that this could be over by the end of the year.

More to come on all this as we get closer. As for now, hes doing great and enjoying the spring 🙂

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